Mobile Money Global 2014

Mobile Money & Digital Payments Global is back for its eighth evolution

... and this year’s event is set to be the biggest yet!

We are delighted to announce a brand new location for the 2014 event: Istanbul.

Renowned worldwide as the gateway between East and West and positioned at the forefront of technology innovation, Istanbul is set to be a beautiful and relevant backdrop to host the world’s most exciting payments event.

This year we are excited to present Mobile Money and Digital Payments Global as you have never seen it before. With live polls, audience Q&A, implementation workshops, breakout discussion forums and more – you play a bigger part than ever in shaping your conference experience!

Leading experts from across the globe will be facilitating debate on the world’s most pressing payments issues in a series of industry panels, ‘unconference’ debates, focussed workshops and cutting-edge presentations.

You, our audience, will be asked a series of provocative questions in each conference session:

  • Is NFC Dead?
  • Will we ever eliminate cash?
  • How is digital money shaping payment culture?
  • Is interoperability the key to driving critical mass globally?
  • Is digital banking the ‘game changer’ for the next generation of financial services?
  • What will the dominant payments channels look like in 2024?

These are just a few of the thought-provoking questions which will form the basis of our Global payments extravaganza.

So make sure you join us in Istanbul and make your voice heard as you play your part in shaping the trajectory of the Global payments marketplace.